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The Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is dedicated to preventing and treating alcoholism and other drug addictions. Our credentialed clinical team, trained in evidenced based practices, motivational enhancement strategies and cognitive behavioral therapy, provides opportunities for compassionate, integrated and comprehensive physical, emotional and spiritual recovery through education, counseling and 12-step recovery programs.

Programs and Services:

  • Individual and group counseling for alcohol and other drug addictions
  • Residential sevices and transitional housing
  • Referrals for medical and prenatal care
  • Transitional housing and residential services
  • Job training and placement
  • Family support and education
  • Mental health counseling
  • After-care services
  • Drug-free workplace services
  • Community-wide outreach and prevention for youth



What can giving $10, or more, do?

  • buy 30 diapers for a new mom currently in recovery treatment
  • buy one Summer Prevention and Outreach Club camper a field trip to an afternon movie matinee
  • serve 3.5 young men a hot lunch while in recovery
  • purchase 3 gallons of gas to transport newly-transitioned, clean and sober clients to their first job interview in months
  • give 4 Easter baskets to children in recovering families
  • purchase 4 pairs of socks for someone who has nothing, plus a clean pillow to lay his/her head down on

You can help others! By giving $10 or more, you can help someone recover and rebuild their life. Give today. Thank you!

Contact info for TCC:Gregory Gulker

E-Mail: ggulker@thecounselingcenter.org

Phone: (740)354-38202

Website: www.thecounselingcenter.org

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